Transit network plans give travelers a fast overview of the public transport offer. They help to get an idea of possible travel routes regardless of specific connections or to understand the tarifaric constellation within an area.

We generate our network plans automatically from timetable information. However, in order to optimize the visual experience we are able to fine-tune the look of the plans and to add specific graphical elements, so we can meet the CD for any use case. Moreover we are able to create network plans for topographic maps as well as for a schematic view.

As public examples we present the plan of VAG in Freiburg im Breisgau in Southern Germany as well as that of Südostbahn SOB in Switzerland. We would be happy to discuss how the plan for the transport agency or area your are in charge of, should look like.

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Welcome to the Mobility Portal by geOps. Our portal combines maps of many aspects of public transport and mobility in general, e.g. real-time vehicle positions, line network plans, transit-maps, fare networks, location and detailed information on stations. If you are interested to use the maps on your site, or if you need any form of customisation, please contact us at Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date.

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